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"Delivering Fresh Local Produce To Your Doorstep"

Supporting Hawaii Agriculture Since 2009

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Customer Testimonials

Yay for Oahu Fresh!

Since I work a lot I don’t get to go to the Farmer’s Market too often. Therefore, I rely on Oahu Fresh for the vast majority of my fresh produce needs.  Without OF I might not ever eat veggies besides my staple spinach or mixed greens that I buy from Costco. I love that I have a variety of produce thats a surprise every time I open my bag.  I also love that they provide recipes for the bag’s contents so when I don’t know what to do with a pumpkin or with taro I’m supplied with tasty ideas to inspire me.  I think its a great value and have been getting my delivery for over 2 years.  Yay for Oahu Fresh!

Mic B. – Honolulu

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